Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Weather on the Way

Well, it looks like we are really expecting some winter weather. We have had a couple of small snow storms with maybe an inch or two; followed by rain. But this coming storm sounds like it could cause some trouble.  

With the threat of an ice storm or significant snow accumulation there are certain things we do around here to make sure that we are prepared.

First,  we check that all oil lamps are full and wicks are trimmed, flashlights have good batteries, radio has batteries.

Second, in the event of an ice storm, we make sure that any thing outside that we may need to use ( shovels,  firewood, hay) is under cover or easily accessible.

Third, is there plenty of bottled water  for cooking,  washing and animals? Our good neighbor has a hand pump we can use to water our animals in the event that we should lose power.  Do we have enough buckets?

Fourth, I'll make a big pot of soup so that meals will be easy to prepare and clean up after.

Fifth, a last load of laundry, just in case.

Sixth, I will move any meat in the kitchen refridgerator to the freezers in the garage just to make sure that the meat will keep.  Even if we lose power, the freezers will stay colder out in an unheated building than if they were in the house.

Well, gotta get to work....


MeadowLark said...

Good thinking. We have a tendency to not worry about it since we're not really in an area that ever loses power or has major storms. Famous last words, I know. :) I'm going to rethink my carefree attitude. Appreciate the shove!

English Druid in Maine said...

Thanks for your comments on my ice storm images. I hope you and your family fared well in the storm. Sounds like you were well prepared. Reading your blog inspired me to get in supplies of water and food etc to be more prepared. So thank you.

Emma said...

Lovely blog! Did you get any winter? I wish for snow, but here in Sweden it is all brown and grey bare ground. Happy christmas to you and your family, I admire your homesteading aspirations!

Fleecenik Farm said...

Meadowlark- I never took storm prep all that seriously until after one fall hurricane came through Maine in the late 90's. We lived in Portland then. We could not drink the water that was coming out of the tap because of contamination. Ewww.

Druid- We kept our power. My husband had the day off from school so it was a nice day around the woodstove. I made baked beans and bread. Cozy day.

Emma-Thankyou for your kind words.

Kathy said...

Well, I know now that you received two feet of snow which was just about five inches more than we saw falling here.

I love the white stuff, so now complaints, but like you, we make the necessary preps ...