Wednesday, July 30, 2008


     I am one of a family of four. The mother. I have a son who is fifteen; from this point on he shall be know as T-Bird.  I have another son who is 2. He is the Wee one.  There is Hubby and me, Karin.

     We live in Central Maine.  In a small house in a small town. On two acres.  We homestead.  Or in other words we grow potatoes and squish potato beetles, chase 5 sheep around our property, build things that sometimes turn out the way we intend, pull many weeds, dehydrate zucchini and tell the toddler they are chips, turn compost, hunt for eggs under chickens, buy milk from the local farmer for ourselves and our pig, tap maples with snowshoes on, shear sheep in the spring, barter with our neighbors, can, can, and can some more, save rainwater to conserve energy, forage for wild food,  fix the plow truck outside in February , rise early in the morning and most nights have no problem falling asleep. 

We live simply..LOL.

No, Really!


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